Women's Bras

It’s about time you fell in love with your bras again. Beautifully crafted from organically grown bamboo viscose, our eco-friendly bras look as amazing as they feel. Discover our collection of bamboo viscose bras and bralettes and treat yourself to comfortable all-day wear that trades in wires, clasps, and hooks for a seamless and supportive design.

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Are bamboo viscose bras more breathable than cotton?

There’s far more than meets the eye when it comes to Boody’s bras. Giving you the same visual appeal of a seamless cotton bra, our collection of bamboo viscose bras are texturally superior, delivering more breathable wear than their cotton alternatives. Because bamboo is 40% more absorbent than organic cotton, you’ll reap the benefits of rapid moisture-wicking—keeping you fresh and comfortable all day long.

Not only will your skin breathe easier in one of our eco-friendly bras, but you can take confidence in knowing that all of our women’s bras adhere to the highest production standards. Softer stronger, and more eco-conscious than cotton, Boody’s bamboo viscose bras are the full package.

For added comfy-coziness, match your bamboo viscose bra with a pair of bamboo viscose underwear. Our collection of sustainable apparel covers your entire wardrobe, giving you everything from bamboo viscose lingerie and women’s tops to active legging and moisture-wicking socks.

What makes sustainable bras better than others?

The fashion industry is rapidly changing for the better and sustainability is the driving force behind this positive progression. Sewn together using viscose sourced from bamboo, Boody’s bamboo viscose bras require 1/10 of the amount of water necessary to construct a cotton bra.

Bamboo is entirely self-sufficient and doesn’t need any irrigation to flourish on its own. When it comes to ethical materials, bamboo reigns supreme. This self-regenerating, fast-growing grass is an amazing alternative to all other fabric types on the market. By choosing bamboo viscose, you choose eco-friendly efficiency and five-star comfortability. Now that’s fashion you can feel good about!

How often should you wash your bras?

Boody’s bamboo viscose bras are as easy on the earth as they are on your laundry cycles. These ultra-moisture-wicking women’s bras should only be washed once a month in cooler months and more frequently in hot and/or humid months. We recommend throwing into a gentle wash and spin cycle with similarly-colored clothing and biodegradable detergent. For all Boody loungewear for women, skip the dryer and opt for a shaded air-dry to maintain the original fabric and support quality for years to come.