Boxers, Briefs & Long Boxers

Round out your basics with our range of men's boxers, briefs and longer boxers. Our take is about as soft as you can get. Shop highly functional, unfussy designs packed with the wonderful benefits of sustainable bamboo. These bamboo boxers and briefs are a go-to for the classic guy or when you're trying to add simplicity and comfort to your rotation.

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If you don't have one already, then it's time to get a pair (or two...or three!). Boody's flattering boxers, long boxers and briefs for men are your go-to to upgrade your undie drawer with high-quality essentials. These men's basics turn an everyday necessity into an enjoyable experience: think ultra soft fabric, natural breathability and functionality that's beyond compare. 

Who said comfortable had to look sloppy? Our classic styles offer a trim and sporty finish - they look as good as they feel and can be worn comfortably with just about anything. The shapes are simple yet developed with a focus on performance to give you the support you need, whether you're about to embark on a new workday or hit a gym session.

If you want to keep everything in place and secure, and need support, then our classic men's briefs are an ideal option. When it comes to boxers and long boxers, they are perfect to wear during sports and workouts and provide you protection from chaffing. No riding up or excess material involved.

At Boody we believe it's important that you can feel good about what you wear. Our briefs, trunks and boxers are thoughtfully crafted using sustainable bamboo to be kinder on your skin and our planet. Bonus: using sustainable, organic bamboo means no nasties are involved in growing the raw material and all products are certified as hypoallergenic by Oeko-Tex. When ethics meet comfort and style, what else can you ask for?