Men's Clothes

Boody’s men’s clothes transform your favorite everyday essentials into ultra-soft, sustainably crafted bamboo viscose garments. Stitched together using viscose derived from bamboo, our collection of men’s clothes includes basics ranging from underwear, socks, and base layer tops. Experience the cooling power of this unique fabric that allows you to move throughout your day confidently and comfortably.

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How are men’s clothing items made using bamboo viscose?

At Boody, our mission to redefine the essence of comfort comes to fruition in the form of our eco-friendly men’s clothing. Each of our garments goes through a 7-step process that begins as an sustainably grown bamboo stalk and ends as affordable luxury clothing. Our production process works on a closed-loop system, ensuring all water used during operation is recycled. After the dehydration and grind phase, the feathery material harvested is spun into a viscose yarn—the same yarn used to bring Boody garments to knitted life.

What are the benefits of using bamboo viscose as a textile for men’s clothes?

No two garments are made equal, and at Boody, we pride ourselves in creating men’s clothes that stand apart from the rest. Bamboo viscose offers an abundance of luxurious benefits when used as a textile. Offering superior breathability, softness, and absorbency than their cotton counterparts, bamboo viscose apparel reigns supreme. 

Bamboo viscose’s ultra-soft texture and moisture-wicking qualities make it the perfect fabric for those with sensitive skin. Because bamboo houses an antimicrobial bio-agent that acts as a built-in natural pesticide, we don’t need any added chemicals or irritants to streamline the production process. With Boody on your body, you’re treated to a silky smooth experience with every single wear.

What types of bamboo viscose men’s clothing are most popular?

The spectrum of modern guy clothes is broad, but at Boody, we focus on the core essentials. Our basic t-shirt and tanks take versatility to the next level, serving up a minimalist aesthetic that looks as great in the office as it does in the gym. And with the cooling element of bamboo viscose added into the mix, you can feel fresh all day long when you’re sporting these sleek men’s bamboo viscose tops

Our men’s natural clothes collection also extends to bamboo viscose boxers, men’s socks, and accessories. Our boxers and briefs won’t bunch, pinch, or roll—delivering the all-day wear you need, every day. Our socks are designed to keep your toes well-cushioned and come in a variety of lengths and types for all of your favorite footwear options.