Stay Mindful This Holiday Season

Stay Mindful This Holiday Season

By Heather Bien

With the holidays just around the corner, you may be bracing yourself for the joyful –– and, sometimes stressful –– busyness of the season. There are parties to attend, treats to make, and gifts to buy. 

Stay Mindful this Holiday Season

Between our normal day-to-day lives and trying to embrace every happy moment, it can be tough to remember to take time for yourself and your own self-care. Here are our favorite ways to stay mindful throughout the holiday season.

Learn to Say No.

It’s tempting to RSVP an excited, “Yes!” to every party or occasion that comes up. And, there’s a reason FOMO became a buzzword a few years back: we don’t want to miss out on fun! But, if there was ever a time to learn to say no, the holidays are that time. Prioritize which events are most important to you. Remember, no one is going to respect your time the way you do, so you need to be the gatekeep of your own schedule.

Set Aside an Evening or Two to Relax Each Week.

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Going along with the theme of saying no, make sure a couple of evenings each week are dedicated to relaxing. No running errands, no wrapping gifts, just taking it easy. Draw a bath, read a book, meditate, sip on tea, run through a few sun salutations. Do whatever fills your cup and lets you recharge. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, spending time with yourself is essential during a busy season.

Manage Expectations with Family and Loved Ones.

Relationships take maintenance, even with those closest to us. Whether you’re thrilled to see your family or bracing yourself for the questions that always show up at family holiday celebrations (“Are you dating anyone?”), know that you can only manage your expectations and your reactions. Whether it’s just a dinner or an entire week at home, prepare yourself for time with family and all the feelings that come with it.

Focus on Quality Time and Sustainable Giving.

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Take the pressure off gift-giving and focus on spending quality time and festive experiences rather than hunting for another gadget. Of course, we all have that person in our lives whose love language is giving and receiving thoughtful, carefully chosen gifts. When it comes to those loved ones, gift sustainably.

Indulge Intentionally and Without Guilt.

The holidays are about celebrating with family and friends, so don’t make this the time to stress over sticking to a diet or beating yourself up over missing a workout here and there. Indulge when the time is right, eat that nutmeg log, savor that hot toddy, stay up a bit too late. Remember, making memories is worth the splurge!

Look Ahead to a Mindful New Year

The best part about staying mindful throughout the holiday season? There’s no period of catching up come January 1 –– you’ve already set yourself up for a New Year where you’re calm, collected, and prepared to set your resolutions with intention. 

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